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Hockey-loving kid uses twine, slap shot to extract loose tooth (video)


A six-year-old kid by the name of Alex combined his love of hockey, some twine and a slap shot to get a pesky loose tooth out of his mouth in a demonstration that belies qualities any fellow hockey player undoubtedly would admire.

With his parents’ assistance, Alex attached his tooth with some twine to a puck in the basement of his house. After a few false starts resulting from how the puck annoyingly would move every time he wound up with his slap shot, Alex ultimately put stick on puck. Bingo, bango, out came the tooth, and little Alex was sporting the epitome of “Hockey Player Smile.”

Well, that is certainly one way of getting a stubbornly loose tooth out of a child’s mouth. A bit unorthodox, sure, but effective. Perhaps the only troubling aspect of Alex’s teeth-extracting practices is how it mimicked another recently posted YouTube video in which another kid “pulls” his own tooth by attaching it to a golf ball and giving said ball a mighty whack.

One can only consider with a dose of trepidation what kind of equipment will be employed in the next sports-related tooth extraction video. Perish the thought of any kid — much less any parents — who attempt to outdo the recent forays into in-house, sports-inspired dentistry.

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