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Shane Victorino apparently texting pics of his abs to Red Sox manager John Farrell


Boston Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino suffered through an injury-plagued 2013 campaign that saw him play in only 30 games and ultimately had season-ending back surgery on Aug. 5. But he’s clearly motivated to show the team that he will be ready and raring to go come Spring Training, by texting pics of his presumably rock-hard abs to manager John Farrell.

Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington told reporters recently that Victorino is pulling out all the stops to keep the BoSox skipper’s attention.

The Boston Herald’s Michael Silver took to Twitter to note the bizarre development.

“A motivated Shane Victorino out to prove something is a very good thing, for him and the Red Sox. So, just excited to see him,” Cherrigton added, via The Boston Globe. “We know what kind of player he is when he’s healthy and on the field and he’s certainly done everything he needs to do this offseason to put himself in a position.”

Cherrington said that while Farrell often will exchange messages with players during the offseason. But the suspicion here is that almost every single one of those texts don’t include a photograph of any part of a player’s physique. At least that’s the hope.

Farrell mentioned in a veiled manner that Victorino, in the final year of his contract, is doing everything he can to keep him apprised of his condition.

“All things are pointing to him being baseball-ready once camp opens up,” Farrell said Thursday. “He’s been very active in letting me know exactly how good he feels, which is a great thing.”

The word out of Boston is that Victorino may end up being the odd man out when it comes to the Red Sox’s starting battery of outfielders, but the 34-year-old nevertheless hopes to make it an extremely difficult decision for the organization to leave him on the bench.

Texting photos of his six-pack abs are sure to help. Maybe. Let’s just hope Victorino isn’t falling for any crazy and ineffective workout fads and instead is sticking to doing nothing less than working under at least a “Seven Minute Abs” program.


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