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‘Sesame Street’ zings Patriots with Friday’s ‘Word of the Day’: ‘Inflate’ (video)

Sesame Street-deflategate

The New England Patriots probably will not be asking how to get to Sesame Street anytime soon.

In what is either one of the most amazing, hilarious and timely coincidence ever or an indication that the folks scheduling programming at PBS are a bunch of snarky — not to mention savvy — wisenheimers, Friday’s episode of “Sesame Street” featured “inflate” as the “Word of the Day.”

Great googly moogly.

Parents watching the episode with their kids took to Twitter to point out the hilarity of it all.

While it’s unlikely anyone at PBS will admit to it, the odds that this episode — which is a rerun originally aired in 2013 — just so happened to air in the midst of the “DeflateGate” controversy without some semblance of deviousness are slim to none.

At least the episode can serve as a suitable media-based companion piece to the “interesting” article The Boston Globe published this week entitled, “What can I tell my kids about Deflategate?” Having the gang on Sesame Street help visually illustrate the importance of proper inflation cannot be overemphasized.

But fear not, Patriots, as the theme song points out, a sunny day will be sweepin’ the clouds away and you’ll be on your way to where the air is sweet … you know, Glendale, Arizona … for the Super Bowl. Yeah.

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