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Seattle-area butcher shop’s ‘Beast Mode Hot Skittles Sausage’ still a big hit


By Jason Rowan

Marshawn Lynch arguably is about as well-known for his affinity for Skittles as he is for amassing fines for grabbing his groin and avoiding the media.

Given Lynch’s love for grabbing a handful or two of Skittles to “Taste the Rainbow,” a butcher shop in Seattle, during the Seahawks’ run to the Super Bowl last year, came up with an innovative, albeit unsavory-sounding, concept for a new item.

Skittles Sausage.

Blue Max Meats in Puyallup, Wash. (about 30 miles outside of Seattle), came up with the bizarre idea. The sausage, perhaps surprisingly, was such a big seller that the butcher shop has been selling the Skittles Sausage year-round and will be likely up the production on the item during the Seahawks’ march to Super Bowl XLIX.

“We had such a high demand from the Super Bowl that we’ve made it all throughout the year,” said Evan Greco of Blue Max Meats, per a reportfrom Komo News.

Called “Beast Mode Hot Skittles Sausage,” it retailed last year for about $4.99 per pound and sales have been remarkable, despite the impression that the unorthodox combination of sweet candy and meat might cause an unfavorable reaction on the palate.

Not so, says Greco.

“The Skittles, instead of being hard when we throw them in there, they break down in the cooking process and give you a really sweet flavor as you bite into it,” he said.

Customers concur.

“When I first heard about it I thought it was going to be horrible, but then I tried it and it was so good I had to buy it again,” said Rex Fisher.

Last year, local food critic Sue Kidd of The News Tribune explained the sausage as follows:

For the Beast Mode sausage, three pounds of Skittles are added to 25 pounds of spicy pork sausage that’s been double ground. The smoking process dissolves the Skittles – there’s essentially no visual trace of the neon-colored candies in the final product.

But can one taste the rainbow when biting off a hunk of the sausage? You bet.

Marshall described the pockets of sweetness infused into the sausage as, “Skittles rivers.”

Greco calls it eating “smoked Fruity Pebbles.”

After munching on one of the spicy links, I think that’s a perfect description. It’d be stellar tucked into a stadium roll with a slathering of caramelized sweet onions and a dose of deli mustard. But for straight snacking? It’s still pretty tasty – even for Skittles flavored sausage.

Sounds scrumptious.

The Skittles-infused sausage of course is not the only Beast Mode-themed product causing a stir in Seattle heading into Super Bowl Week. It was reported that a marijuana dispensary in Seattle created a new strain of pot called “Beast Mode 2.0” after its original incarnation of Marshawn-inspired marijuana was such a big “hit” last year.

It’s Lynch’s world, folks. We’re just living — with some also eating … and smoking — in it.

(photo credit: The News Tribune)