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Kobe Bryant jokingly blames torn rotator cuff on passing too much


Kobe Bryant remains in good spirits despite the expectation that his 2014-15 NBA regular season campaign is over due to a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder.

Both the Lakers and Bryant anxiously await further news regarding the severity of the veteran’s shoulder injury, Lakers head coach Byron Scott admitted that he’s “worried,” while Kobe instead opted to take a more rose-colored glasses view of his most recent dealings with a debilitating injury.

Bryant took to Twitter to crack a joke about his ailing shoulder, jokingly opining that the injury’s cause can be found in his newfound unselfishness with the basketball.

Bryant recorded a career-high 17 assists while scoring 19 points on a paltry 14 shots (for him) in a 109-102 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this week, so perhaps he’s on to something. Or perhaps it’s simply easier on Bryant’s shoulder to dish instead of shoot.

According to reports, Bryant initially suffered the shoulder injury during the preseason and has been playing through it since then. He apparently aggravated the injury pretty badly while dunking during Wednesday’s game against New Orleans.

The prospects of Bryant playing again this season don’t necessarily look good, but he is expected to consult with team doctors soon on how to proceed after an MRI revealed the tear Thursday.

The Lakers coach appears more busted up about the injury than the player.

“I don’t know if the wear and tear of playing so many minutes early is a result of what’s happened to him right now,” Scott said, via The Los Angeles Times. “I thought about that. It made me almost sick. I even apologized to him in a text yesterday. His response was, ‘No, that wasn’t it.’

“He, I guess, tried to make me feel better. You can’t help from a coaching perspective to feel that way a little bit. You’ve got to think about, man, if I wouldn’t have used him so much earlier in the season, maybe this doesn’t happen. But then again, maybe it happens later. I don’t know.”

When notified of Kobe’s crack on Twitter, though, the news seemed to give Scott some feelings of relief.

“Good, he didn’t blame it on coach playing him too much,” Scott quipped.

(photo credit: Stacy Revere/Getty Images)