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Unseemly bench hijinks: Blake Griffin pulls trainer’s head toward his crotch (vid)


The Los Angeles Clippers easily won in a laugher Thursday night, wiping the court with the Brooklyn Nets in 123-84 blowout. Blake Griffin, who was likely in good spirits after being named a starter in the All-Star Game, was so at ease with the wide margin the Clippers held with almost a full quarter left to play that he decided to have some fun on the bench at a trainer’s expense … perhaps too much fun.

The game already was well out of hand early on in the 4th quarter, as the Clippers built upon the 33-point lead it held at halftime. Griffin, who scored 22 of his game-high 24 points in the first half, mostly was serving as spectator as the entire final quarter amounted to nothing more than garbage time.

That’s when the Clippers high-flying forward succumbed to the whims of his inner-adolescent and engaged in some shenanigans at the expense of an unwitting team trainer who simply was trying to do his job.

As the trainer worked on Griffin, appearing to make an adjustment to the star’s kneepad, the Clippers forward grabbed theĀ  trainer’s head and pulled it toward his crotch.

Yep, that some serious, sophomoric hijinks right there. That poor trainer actually seemed pretty annoyed with Griffin’s antics. Can’t say that you can blame him. Even TNT announcer Kevin Harlan can be heard saying, “No, don’t do that.” Hard to argue with that sentiment, although it’s likely that Griffin and the trainer are on friendly terms with one another and maybe even had a good laugh about it afterward. Or not.

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