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Will Ferrell drills NBA cheerleader in head with ball for movie shoot (videos)


Actor Will Ferrell ran afoul of Smoothie King Center security during a New Orleans Pelicans game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night after drilling a cheerleader in the face with a basketball during a halftime attempt at a half-court shot gone awry.

The entire ball-to-the-face debacle of course was staged and was part of filming a scene for an upcoming film.

The shoot was for the Ferrell-starring vehicle, “Daddy’s Home,” co-starring Mark Wahlberg (who previously co-starred with Ferrell in “The Other Guys”) and Lisa Carellini.

The film “stars Ferrell as a mild-mannered radio executive who is determined to become the best stepdad possible to the children of his new wife (Cardellini). Wahlberg plays the children’s ‘freewheeling and freeloading’ biological father, whose sudden re-emergence forces Ferrell’s character to compete for the affection of the children,” according to a report. Shooting of the film in New Orleans, going on since Nov. 17, is scheduled to continue through Feb. 3. Fans attending Pelicans games at the arena will be informed that a scene for a film is being shot.

Videos and photos spread through social media immediately after the staged scene of Ferrell’s character making an on-court ruckus, during which he is dragged off by arena security.

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It matters little that the scene was staged: The way in which the basketball viciously caromed off the cranium of that “cheerleader” — presumably (and hopefully) a stuntwoman —  looked pretty gnarly. Ouch.

Ferrell of course is more than familiar with goofball scenes involving pro basketball and NBA arenas — some staged, some not — including amusingly introducing the Chicago Bulls’ lineup before a game in 2012 and his 2008 film, “Semi-Pro.”

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