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Supercut of Tom Brady talking about balls is completely nuts (video)


The big NFL news of the day obviously revolves around both Bill Belichick and Tom Brady standing in front of substantial media throngs to address how the New England Patriots have become more and more maligned as the organization gets deeper and deeper embroiled in the “DeflateGate” scandal.

Coverage of the respective pressers of course can be found via nearly every reputable media outlet, even those that don’t typically cover the NFL or sports in general — the write-up in “Cat Fancy” about Belichick’s caginess was supremely entertaining and wildly informative.

But what really matters to the sophomoric segment of the population is this: How much the words “ball” or “balls” have been said in the past handful of days, especially when the likes of someone like Tom Brady talks about “rubbing” or “squeezing” or “touching” balls. It’s about as puerile an example of immature grade-school humor, but hey, the supercut video below in which Tom Brady constantly talks about balls is a hoot and a holler.

Yeah, that’s the good stuff. Totally nuts, man.

[H/T Hugging Harold Reynolds via The Big Lead]