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Marshawn Lynch blasts NFL for fining teammate Chris Matthews


It certainly seems that Marshawn Lynch cares little about having to pay the piper, a/k/a the NFL, in the form of fines for his various transgressions, but the Seattle Seahawks running back draws the line when the league goes after one of his own.

Lynch, who was fined $20,000 by the NFL for grabbing his crotch following his 24-yard touchdown run in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game, expressed his extreme displeasure with the fact that one of his teammates, wide receiver Chris Matthews, was also punished in a monetary fashion by the league for his conduct following the same score.

Matthews was assessed a fine of $11,025 for his end zone antics following Lynch’s clutch touchdown run. The Seahawks running back — who¬†previously was fined $11,050 for a crotch grab during a game against the Arizona Cardinals in December — took to Twitter Thursday to blast the league for fining his teammate.

Lynch isn’t particularly prolific when it comes to social media — his Twitter activity mostly involves retweets — so the fact he fired up his account to blast the fine certainly says something.

The problem with Lynch’s unhappiness with Matthews’ fine, though, is that it apparently was not for shaking his hand, but for also busting out a celebratory groin grab, as noted by USA Today’s Tom Pelissero:

Pelissero also posted evidence on Instagram of Matthews’ crotch-tug.

A photo posted by @tompelissero on

Irrespective of the exact reason why Matthews was fined, odds are good that Lynch will nevertheless remain unhappy one of his teammates experienced the NFL’s administration of justice, in part due to said teammate conducting himself in a similar fashion to Lynch. One thing is clear about these Seahawks: They are a tightly-knit group that doesn’t take kindly to one of their own coming under fire and often will do or say something about it.

The man known as “Beast Mode” is not only on the hook for $20,000 due to his groin grab during the NFC title game, it is expected he will be fined — quite harshly, in fact — for not speaking to the media after the game. The severity of the expected fine is mostly due to how Lynch previously has been fined $100,000 for his steadfast refusal to talk to reporters in two separate incidents that occurred since last January.

And with Super Bowl Week just ahead when Lynch will be expected to make himself available to the media on three consecutive days, Super Bowl XLIX could prove to be quite costly for the media-averse running back.