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Crikey! Australian Open ball boy drilled in crotch by 121-mph serve (video)


An ball boy at the Australian Open working the Feliciano Lopez-Adrian Mannarino match took a ball to his “boys” during the second-round match, courtesy of a blistering 121-mph serve off the racket of the Spaniard Lopez.

An audible gasp emanated from the crowd immediately upon crotchal contact, and the million-to-one-shot to the groin elicited looks of concern from both Lopez and Mannarino, as both players and officials checked in on condition of the poor lad as he doubled over in presumably some pain and a lot of discomfort.

Unfortunately, the Aussie Open ball boy could not resume his ball-wrangling duties after getting own his balls wrangled. Once he was able to stand — an impressive feat of “intesticle fortitude” after getting drilled “Down Under,” the ball boy was escorted off the court to a round of applause from the concerned crowd. Poor kid. Too bad he couldn’t simply rub some Vegemite on it and continue.

You know, how it is said by Americans that a person should just “rub some dirt on it” after an injury and battle on, but, um, different.

Ha. Australian jokes. And ball puns. Good stuff.