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‘Old man’ Jason Richardson’s teammates gave him diapers for his birthday (pic)


Proving once again the NBA is a (very) young man’s league, Jason Richardson’s Philadelphia 76ers teammates had a bit of fun at his expense as he celebrated his birthday on Tuesday.

Richardson was presented with some gag gifts courtesy of his youngish Sixers teammates to commemorate that he has advanced to the ripe old age of … 34. This guy has “Oops I Crapped My Pants” written all over him.

The veteran, in his second year with the 76ers — although he hasn’t played in a game for the team since January 2013 due to injuries — received a package of adult diapers and, curiously, some baby food for his 34th birthday. Perhaps his spry and sarcastic fellow Sixers felt that his aging teeth could no longer handle the mastication required to chew real food. He is 34, for Pete’s sake.

Richardson posted the above photograph to Instagram along with the caption, “34th Birthday presents from my teammates!!!”

At least the snarky wisenheimers that comprise the team’s young-leaning roster — twelve of them are under the age of 24 and Richardson is the only player on the team older than 28 — had the good sense to get him the “Fit-Flex” kind of “Depend for Men” undergarments. That’s thoughtful. After all, even if Richardson is — gulp — a whopping 34 years old (that’s almost old enough to receive a tribute from Willard Scott on “Today,” right?), he still would like to remain as active as his advanced age and brittle bones allow.

The fact he is rocking a bathrobe in the photo certainly isn’t helping him appear hip, happening and now when it comes to the younger set. Perhaps he should remind them that he won the Slam Dunk Contest in both 2002 and 2003. At least his teammates were at least born when he accomplished that feat.