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Shirtless Bubba Watson back with more miniature golf course wizardry (video)


It seems that whenever a story surfaces about Bubba Watson — when not related to his on-course heroics — it usually involves the wild and crazy antics from the Masters champion with a heavy dose of his patented southern-fried charm.

Leaving huge tips at the Waffle House? You bet. Photobombing unsuspecting fellow golfers on the PGA Tour. Right on. Tooling around a course in a $20,000 hovercraft golf cart? You better believe it. Card-carrying member of pro golfer boy band the Golf Boys? Need we go on?

In other words, most stories involving Bubba Watson are amusing, entertaining and most of all, scandal-free.

This happens to be yet another one of those tales that demonstrates when it comes right down to it, few things are better for golf than when Bubba is just being Bubba.

Watson, as he is wont to do from time to time, enjoyed some down time by fooling around on a miniature golf course. Watch as he drains an incredibly lengthy putt for a masterful mini golf hole-in-one. But even more, watch as a shirtless Bubba hoots, hollers and lets it all hang out while celebrating the ace.

As noted above, this isn’t Bubba’s first foray into mini-golf wizardry. Watson last year showcased his putt-putt prowess by draining a “backwards” hole-in-one.

Great stuff. Never change, Bubba Watson. Keep letting that freak flag fly and shine on, you crazy diamond.

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