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LPGA’s Brooke Pancake signs endorsement deal with Waffle House


LPGA player Brooke Pancake announced Tuesday that she has signed an endorsement deal with Waffle House.

“This will be the first time that the Waffle Nation will be cheering for a Pancake,” Waffle House president and CEO Walt Ehmer announced in a release, via the Golf Channel.

Pancake, 24, who turned pro in 2012 after starring at Alabama, doesn’t feel constrained when picking out her batter-based breakfast item, either. “What an exciting, fun day!” Pancake wrote on Instagram to describe the announcement from her photo shoot at a Waffle House. “And to think this all began when I announced on national television that I actually like waffles more than pancakes…on National Pancake day.”

Part of her duties as spokesperson for the chain include visiting Waffle House outposts throughout the country as well as maintaining a waffle-centric presence on social media. No syrupy stuff, though. Or maybe not.

If there has ever been a more Bizarro World version of a synergistic endorsement partnership between a professional athlete and a company, it couldn’t have been more appetizing than this one.

And if broadcasters covering the LPGA don’t refer to a flop shot by Pancake as a “flapjack,” well, they’re missing a great line. And for those familiar with Waffle House lingo, it wouldn’t hurt, in light of her new gig, to say things like, “Pancake really covered and smothered that approach shot!” Or again, maybe not.

(photo credit: Brooke Pancake/Instagram)