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Katy Perry, J.J. Watt paired on cover of ESPN The Magazine’s ‘Music Issue’ (photo)


With the stunning pop music starlet set to take the stage as the halftime performer at Super Bowl XLIX and the Houston Texans all-world player perhaps the greatest defensive player in the NFL, it was arguably a great match to pair Katy Perry and J.J. Watt on one of the covers of ESPN The Magazine’s “The Music Issue.”

The two superstars sat down for a joint interview, during which the 30-year-old Perry admits she had to turn to the Internet to find out exactly who she had been paired with ahead of the photo shoot, during which Perry applies eye black to Watt’s face.

“I went straight to Google,” Perry said, via a piece by Chris Connelly in the upcoming issue in which Perry and Watt discuss their experiences with success.

The image of Watt Perry apparently took the greatest interest in was the now-famous photo of the Texans standout with his face all bloodied. “I’ve been showing it to my friends, saying, ‘Check out this guy. I’m gonna be shootin’ with this guy.'”

“My mom has never been a big fan of that photo,” admitted Watt, as he sat beside the Super Bowl XLIX halftime performer during the shoot. “I try not to bleed anymore.”

“That picture was real … interesting,” Perry added. “I mean, he looks so nice now in person! I don’t even recognize him.”