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New Bears head coach John Fox refers to Jay Cutler as ‘Jake’ during presser


New Chicago Bears head coach John Fox may have been experiencing some first-day-on-the-job unfamiliarity related to his new surroundings and co-workers when he mistakenly referred to quarterback Jay Cutler as “Jake” not once, but twice during a press conference on Monday.

“That’s a lot for a guy who has not talked to him yet,” Fox said. “I feel good about whoever is at quarterback. I’m looking forward to getting to know Jake [sic]. He did text me, welcoming me to Chicago, and was very excited that I was coming here, which I thought was a nice move.

“I just reminded him that this game is only fun when we win — and we will — and that I was looking forward to getting to see him. I’m looking forward to seeing Jake face-to-face.”

Oops. It is noted in a Chicago Sun-Times report, though, that Fox did refer to Cutler as “Jay” during later comments to reporters, although the newspaper did have some fun with Fox’s gaffe on its front page.

Perhaps Fox’s slip-up is attributable to him getting caught up temporarily in the space-time continuum and recalling one of his former quarterbacks, Jake Delhomme. But it’s more likely he simply experienced a slip of the tongue. Nothing more, nothing less. Either way, it certainly does not get their relationship off on a positive note.

On the other hand, perhaps Fox realizes that Cutler’s atrocious play this past season is one of the main reasons his predecessor, noted “Quarterback Whisperer” Marc Trestman, got canned after only two seasons. Maybe he’s prefer to just as soon forget about the headache facing the organization as it navigates exactly what to do with Cutler.

When discussing Cutler further, Fox noted that that the best QB is the “one that wins,” something Cutler did not do during Trestman’s tenure, going 10-16.

“I know everybody makes a big deal about the quarterback — and I get that — but it’s still a team game,” Fox said. “We all have to do it for our teammates and for something bigger than ourselves. I look for that at any position.”

In determining Cutler’s future with the organization, Bears general manager Ryan Pace stressed that the new head coach’s input on the quarterback will be taken into consideration.

“[Fox’s opinion] is important [on Cutler],” said Pace. “Every guy on the roster is important, but there’s no denying that guy [Cutler] is important.”

A good start to that process would be Fox calling Cutler by the correct first name in every instance.

(photo credit: Michael Schmidt/Sun-Times)