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Marshawn Lynch may face fines, discipline for crotch-grab, avoiding media (video)


Marshawn Lynch may find himself on the wrong side of the NFL’s disciplinary policies in light of actions occurring both during and after the Seattle Seahawks’ miraculous 28-22 comeback win over the Green Bay Packers in Sunday’s NFL Championship Game.

Lynch had a monster game with 25 carries for 157 yards, with his biggest rush of the game coming when he went “Beast Mode” during a 27-yard touchdown run with less than two minutes remaining in the game that gave Seattle its first lead of the game.

The Seahawks running back’s possible first offense that may cause him to feel a bit lighter in the wallet came right after his powerful and clutch rush to the end zone. Immediately after he crossed the goal line, Lynch grabbed his crotch.

While he wasn’t penalized for the impromptu groin grab, Lynch nevertheless could face league discipline for the celebratory act. Lynch arguably should know better — or he simply doesn’t care — as he was fined $11,050 earlier this season for unsportsmanlike conduct after pulling the same move following a 75-yard touchdown run against the Arizona Cardinals in December.

Lynch, widely known for his aversion to the media, reportedly did not make himself available to reporters following Sunday’s game. This latest act of noncompliance likely means Lynch will face yet another fine for not adhering to the NFL’s stringent — some would say draconian — policies regarding how players have to make themselves available to the media.

Lynch was fined $100,000 earlier this season for being uncooperative with the media. An appeal of the fine by Lynch was denied by the league. Seahawks teammate Richard Sherman vehemently defended Lynch following the imposition of the fine by mocking and ridiculing the NFL during a bizarre press conference in which he used a cutout of Doug Baldwin to eviscerate the league and its many questionable policies.

To hear it from another one of Lynch’s teammates, though, fines and punishments matter little to the running back. Following his crotch grab during the Cardinals game, safety Earl Thomas summarized Lynch as follows:

“He is who he is. He’s going to hold his (groin),” he said at the time, via the Seattle Times. “That’s what he do.”

Indeed. As the team basks in the glory of a repeat trip to the Super Bowl following an incredibly improbable comeback that defied the odds, chances are one of Lynch’s fellow Seahawks, if they would have been asked about it, likely would have said about the same thing about their oft-misunderstood teammate.

(video via FanSided, screengrab via Shutdown Corner)