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San Francisco Zoo named baby monkey after Stephen Curry (photos)


Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry became the recipient in November of one of the most adorable honors that can be bestowed upon a professional athlete: Having a precious baby animal named after him.

It was announced that a male Francois langur was born at the legendary San Francisco Zoo on Nov. 21.

On New Year’s Eve, it was revealed that the infant primate was named Curry after one of the Bay Area’s most gifted and well-liked pro athlete superstars.

Since then, the first-class zoo has provided periodic updates on little Curry’s progress, as well as how he apparently has turned into a Warriors fan in his own right.

Cuteness overload, right?

This isn’t the first time the zoo has named a baby animal after a local sports hero. Inside the Warriors notes that Francois’ langur born during the San Francisco Giants’ 2012 run to the World Series was named after pitcher Sergio Romo, who recorded the final out to secure the team the title.

But as far as adorable little Curry is concerned, not all is well for the species. According to the San Francisco Zoo’s site, the Francois’ langur is an endangered species, with its presence in the wild declining over 50% over the past three-plus decades, mostly due to habitat loss and hunting. This means that Curry the baby monkey and his kind are about as rare in the wild as a world-class talent like Curry is in the NBA.

(top image credit: San Francisco Zoo/Twitter)