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Patriots fan got ‘Tom Brady’ tattooed on the inside of his lower lip (photo)


Johnny Nichols is a 21-year-old obviously avid New England Patriots fan based in Waltham, Mass. In his Pats-addled mind, Nichols figured the only way to get rightfully pumped up for the team’s AFC Championship Game showdown with the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday was to get a tattoo … on the inside of his mouth.

Yep, the guy who clearly defines everything about what it means to be a fanatic, not just a regular old, run of the mill fan, had “Tom Brady” tattooed on the inside of his lower lip in honor of New England’s Hall of Fame-bound quarterback.


To make the tattoo even more far out. Nichols didn’t get the ink etched into his lip in some parlor in his hometown. Nope. He got it done in Bali, Indonesia, as he has been traveling in Asia the past few months.

“Have to represent from 9,000 miles away!” Nichols told Boston Magazine.

Somebody should get this guy in contact with the fanatical fellow who got a Bill Belichck-themed tattoo that read “Belichick yourself before you wreck yourself.” Maybe even this guy who has a Patriots helmet imprinted into his skull, too … so long as he’s out of jail.

Nichols took to his Facebook page to unveil his crazy tattoo, one that must have involved a significant amount of pain to get done

“You ever wake up one morning after a crazy night and just realize you have Tom Brady tattooed on your lip?,” Nichols wrote. “I did…LETS GO PATS!”

Crazy night, indeed.

But hey, gotta support the team, right? Especially when one finds himself thousands of miles away from home and likely dealing with an incredible amount of discomfort after a “crazy night.”

(photos courtesy of Johnny Nichols)