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Patriots fan gets ‘Belichick yourself before you wreck yourself’ tattoo (photo)


A New England Patriots superfan clearly understands that when it comes to why his favorite NFL team has enjoyed a decade-plus run of success as one of the premiere organizations in the league, it begins and ends with none other than one Bill Belichick.

Linda Holliday, Belichick’s longtime girlfriend, re-posted a tweet by Jeremiah Lucas, a Patriots fan cheering on the team from Fort Collins, Colo. In the tweet, Lucas showcases the “fresh ink” he recently had etched into his arm that features a hooded, stoic Belichick, that instructs anyone who gazes upon it to “Belichick yourself before you wreck yourself.”

Uh, gotta support the team … and its curmudgeonly, Jedi Master-like coach.

There is no doubt this die-hard fan will proudly display his new tattoo as he cheers on the Patriots in the team’s AFC Championship Game showdown with the Indianapolis Colts come Sunday. Although he has little control in the long haul but to showcase the ink, given its prominent location on his forearm, save for wearing long-sleeved shirts for the rest of his life.

In the end, it’s simply another day, another bold sports-related tattoo that abundantly demonstrates how some fans put everything on the line — even their flesh — in order to proclaim their undying dedication to their favorite team.

Just a few days ago, one incredibly confident Seattle Seahawks fans made the bold prediction via a heavily inked arm that the team soon will become back-to-back Super Bowl champions. And Seahawks tattoo simply is the most recent example (see here and here for just a few examples of many, although it warrants mentioning the two tats referenced didn’t quite work out for the guys who got them).

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