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Obituary: Death of 81-year-old Steelers fan partly caused by team’s ‘poor’ season


Even though the Pittsburgh Steelers, by most accounts, enjoyed a relatively successful season, what with going 11-5 and winning the AFC North, an obituary for one big-time fan claims the death of an elderly Steelers fan was partly caused by the team’s “poor performance this season.”

Eleanor Miriam Gallagher peacefully passed away on Jan. 14 at the age if 81 surrounded by family and friends.

While Eleanor’s “greatest passion was her family,” she also was a longtime Steelers fan. So much so, in fact, that her love for the team was mentioned further down in her obituary. The brief paragraph notes her devotion to the Steelers but also notes that Pittsburgh’s disappointing season, perhaps culminating in the team’s 30-17 loss to the hated Baltimore Ravens less than two weeks previous, at least contributed to her shuffling off this mortal coil.

It is also noted that the news concerning defensive coordinator’s Dick LeBeau’s abrupt resignation from his second stint with the team after 11 seasons might have also played a role.


Eleanor was a devoted Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and the family firmly believes that the recent separation of Dick LeBeau and the Steelers’ poor performance this season might have inadvertently contributed to her demise.

At least the word “inadvertently” was stuck in there. Of course, this isn’t the first time an obituary has included a mention of a beloved sports team or favorite player, some of which were awkwardly endearing or somewhat ghoulishly heartwarming. Others? Well, not so much.

But overall, despite the fact that the Steelers’ season may have ultimately killed her, so to speak, it’s hard to argue with the fact that when it comes to being a fan of one NFL organization, to live — and die — a Steelers fan ain’t a bad gig if you can get it.

After all, Eleanor, who was born about a month after the Pittsburgh Steelers organization was founded, as noted by Steelers Depot, watched the team win six Super Bowls, secure eight conference championships and win 21 division titles. Not too shabby.

Rest in peace, Eleanor Miriam Gallagher. Our sympathies go out to the family, friends and Steelers fans she left behind.

(photo via We Stick Anything — note: casket depicted presumably not the one Gallagher was buried in)