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Rockets GM Daryl Morey acknowledges gynecologist quip ‘was in bad taste’


Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey learned a hard lesson this week regarding the sometimes-damning power of Twitter and how it has the lightning-quick capacity to instantly disseminate a slight social media misstep.

Morey came under fire and suffered a some backlash as a result of a joke he cracked during a Twitter Q&A on Wednesday when he made a crudely odd comparison between his job and another completely unrelated vocation.

“No, it is like being a gynecologist, you don’t get sick of it,” Morey replied on Twitter to an inquiry asking if he ever gets sick of watching basketball in light of the demands, duties and responsibilities of inherent to his job as executive.

The response to Morey’s attempt at online humor was swift, at times humorous, other times somewhat bitter. The Rockets general manager acknowledged Thursday that he may be better served by sticking to his job of running an NBA team and staying away from forays into humor, thereby avoiding the potential for any possible backlash as a result of his Redd Foxx-like comedic stylings.

“I had a tweet that was in bad taste,” Morey said during an interview about an NBA Development League showcase he will attend, per the Houston Chronicle. “I’m going to leave the comedy to the professionals. I think I’m going to stick with my GM job.”

Given that Morey has demonstrated he’s more than capable of assembling a dangerous roster that sits at 28-12 and widely is considered a legitimate contender for an NBA title, remaining focused on his GM duties and avoiding comedy altogether is probably a wise call.

(image credit: Melissa Phillip/Houston Chronicle)