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Colts ‘shut down’ site so fans can ‘direct all focus to our game this coming Sunday’


The Indianapolis Colts shut down the team’s official website for “Blue Friday.” The purported intent of the so-called shutdown was so fans would be better able to focus on Sunday’s AFC Championship Game showdown with the New England Patriots.

To illustrate, visitors to the site are greeted with a video that features T.Y. Hilton — among other Colts, including running back Dan Herron and kicker Adam Vinatieri — touting the importance of “preparation” and “sticking to the process” and other facets of that belie complete and utter dedication to the team, things like “relentlessly chasing perfection” and “leaving it all on the field.”

It’s a pretty clever gambit, to be sure, something sure to attract viewers to the site. It also is a fairly astute way to get fans to download Colts Mobile, as it is suggested people do so in light of the site’s shutdown.

It does warrant mentioning, though, that there are easy workarounds whereby visitors to the site can bypass the “Blue Friday” lock down before even arriving at it. Any rudimentary search for something that one may find on the site — a Google search for “Colts schedule” for instance — will allow fans to sneak around the roadblock and gain access to all the Colts-related news and whatnot their hearts desire.

Still, solid effort by the Colts webmasters and techie folks and so on and so forth. Bravo on a job well done.

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