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Rex Ryan on possible reunion with Mark Sanchez on Bills: ‘I still got the tattoo’


While it certainly wasn’t a confirmation that new Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan would consider bringing in Mark Sanchez to his new team and facilitate a reunion with his former “Sanchize” quarterback with the New York Jets, Ryan did make a veiled comment that at least indicated he isn’t ruling it out. But what made Ryan’s comment amusing was how it involved a rather comical anecdote related to an impulsive act of getting an arguably regrettable tattoo.

Ryan was making an appearance on ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike” show Thursday morning and was asked if was interested in a reunion with Sanchez. The new Bills coach didn’t shoot down the possibility, choosing instead to reference the infamous tattoo of he has on his right arm that features his wife scantily clad in a Sanchez Jets jersey.

Ryan famously was first spotted rocking the tattoo in question in early 2013, but said as recently as last spring he was considering getting the ink altered.

Ryan’s cryptic comment about the tattoo in its relation to pursuing Sanchez, who played with the Philadelphia Eagles last season on a one-year deal, was somewhat different in tone than the wishy-washy response the new Bills coach gave Wednesday when asked about it.

“I can’t give you a definitive answer on it,” Ryan said to reporters Wednesday, via an ESPN report. “We’re in the evaluative process right now, looking at possible free agents and different things like that. A lot of dynamics go into it, so I’m giving you a very honest answer because, right now, we don’t know. Nobody knows what the finished product is going to look like.”

“Certainly, he’ll be a guy under consideration,” Ryan said. “We’ll explore every avenue. If we think there’s a free agent like Mark or somebody else out there that we think can help us, then we’ll absolutely explore it. We’ve briefly talked about some possibilities out there. We’ll definitely look into anybody that we think can help us.”

Regarding one of the quarterbacks currently on the Bills roster, EJ Manuel, Ryan noted that he “has a lot of traits you look for in a quarterback.”

Bills general manager Doug Whaley also reportedly spoke “in glowing terms” of Manuel when he was conducting head coaching interviews and presumably did the same during his meetings with Ryan.

That doesn’t mean, though, that Ryan’s input won’t carry any weight when it comes to deciding if any other quarterbacks will be brought in before next season. And perhaps one of those signal-callers could be Sanchez.

After all, Ryan still has that Sanchez tattoo.

(photo image: Andrew Theodorakis/New York Daily News)