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Tweet from Jim Harbaugh is so ‘Harbaugh-ian’ it should be wearing Dockers


Jim Harbaugh’s reputation as something of an overly intense character is well-known and well-documented, as evidenced by stories similar to the one that intimated he once “hunted” a 10-year-old kid in order to win a game of Laser Tag.

Not only does the new Michigan Wolverines head football coach maniacally demonstrate his unbridled enthusiasm on the sidelines, not to mention probably in the film room and even possibly during catnaps — who knows? That glorious aspect of his oft-outrageous personality is part of what makes Jim Harbaugh such a compelling character. This trait apparently has translated well to his activity on Twitter.

Harbaugh just recently joined Twitter — shortly after he was named Wolverines head coach — and he’s already putting his unique personality out there online and making a significant impression on social media.

Here’s the tweet offered up by Harbaugh on Thursday morning, which abundantly indicates that Jim Harbaugh is always, well, Jim Harbaugh, even in the early morning.

Sweet sassy molassey. That tweet is just begging to be deconstructed. There are so many things about it that warrant closer inspection. The phrase “Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind” is like a mystery wrapped in an enigma that’s wearing khakis. Or something.

Some more samples of Harbaugh’s social media activity of late.

Those tweets just ooze positivity. They are like a lengthy motivational speech wrapped up in under 140 characters.

Harbaugh has garnered over 150,000 followers on Twitter in a short period of time. If he keeps it up with these kind of outstanding tweets, expect that number to grow exponentially.

(photo credit: Melanie Maxwell/The Ann Arbor News)