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Tom Brady on game week mood swings: ‘Sometimes I’m in a sh**ty mood’ (vid)

Despite being a savvy veteran and the fact that preparation and anticipation during the week ahead of games should be old hat to him, Tom Brady admitted Wednesday that still sometimes experiences a bout of nerves and finds it hard to reign in his emotions and regulate his temperament.

“I just think there’s a high level of pressure every week and the pressure is on from the moment … it’s like watching the games on Sunday, you watch the first game – Cowboys-Packers – and it’s kind of fun,” Brady said, per ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss. “Then all of a sudden you watch the Denver game, Indy play, and as soon as that game ends it’s like, Boom! The clock starts. It’s a race to see who can prepare the best over the course of the week.”

The New England Patriots quarterback, commenting on his mood swings during the days before games ahead of a showdown with the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship on Sunday, revealed he can “get pretty edgy” at times, sometimes even to the chagrin of his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen.

Brady reported that his wife has been known to annoyingly ask, “What’s your problem?” during the week.

When discussing how it’s been for him since the Patriots punched their ticket to the AFC Championship Game Saturday, Brady explained it as follows.

“There are not many opportunities you get during the season to have a time where you don’t know who your opponent is. Obviously after we won on Saturday, you have that little moment of time where you’re not really preparing for anybody,” he said. “Then as soon as you know the opponent, the anxiousness starts building and building and building.”

Then Brady, a notorious potty mouth, especially on the field, lost himself and let slip a minor expletive during an interview airing on live television.

“You do everything you can through the preparation to get an understanding of what the team is doing and how you’re going to play and which plays you’re going to install and how you’re going to run the plays, and did you execute the plays? All those things lessen the anxiety because you can go out and perform and build confidence in what you’re doing. It’s kind of the ebbs and flows of the week. Sometimes I’m in a good mood. Sometimes I’m in a sh**ty mood … bad mood.”

Video of Brady dropping the s-bomb here. Obviously, it contains profanity (via Will Brinson/CBS Sports)

Does he kiss his supermodel wife with that mouth? Of course he does.