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Indiana shirt company has ‘stompy’ response to Tom Brady’s horseplay (pic)

Denver Broncos v New England Patriots

While an old saying argues that “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” a shirt company based in Indianapolis wasn’t afforded that luxury and instead opted to deliver a relatively swift dose of comeuppance in response to a snarky social media post from Tom Brady.

With the Indianapolis Colts heading to Foxborough for the team’s showdown with the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in the AFC Championship Game, time was of the essence for clothing company Wardagen to launch a return salvo for how Brady trolled the Colts by posting a Photoshop on Facebook depicting an image of himself riding a horse.

tom-brady-coltsThe equine image was culled from the logo the Colts used back in their Baltimore days (the team used the horse logo from 1961-1978).

The response was swift from Wardagen and depicted a little more violence than what was contained in Brady’s post.


Shocking — and snarky — brutality, not to mention a brilliant piece of retaliatory trolling.

The image technically doesn’t feature Brady — presumably due to NFL licensing rules — but the fact that a Patriot is about to get viciously stomped by a hell-spawned horse, especially given the recency of Brady’s Facebook post, the meaning behind it is arguably clear. There is little doubt that the t-shirt is in direct response to the quarterback’s smack-talking, social media salvo.

For those interested in purchasing the item of clothing , the shirt retails for $26 on the company’s site. No word if Brady, like his teammate Julian Edelman, plans on getting into the t-shirt business.

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