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Brewers selling ‘Timeless Ticket’ for $1,000 that is good for any future game (photo)


In one of the most clever ticketing promotions in recent memory, the Milwaukee Brewers have announced the sale of 1,000 of the so-called “Timeless Ticket,” a voucher that allows a fan to gain entrance at Miller Park to any future Brewers game of their choosing at any future date, even Game 7 of the World Series.

And while the price of $1,000 apiece may at first blush result in a bit of sticker shock, further consideration of several aspects of the “Timeless Ticket” make it worth its weight in gold, or in the case of these particular tickets, brass. On second thought, that  actually means the ticket’s worth far exceeds the value of the material from which it was created.

The “Timeless Tickets” are literally made of brass, individually numbered and packaged in a specially designed gift box. The 6.25″ by 3.5″ ticket comes with a certificate of authenticity which confirms it has been legitimized and validated by Major League Baseball, including its own registered ID number under the MLB Authentication program.

Along with the ability to attend any game of their choosing, no matter the circumstance or significance — “subject to availability” — a fan who purchases a “Timeless Ticket” also will be provided with “ticket vouchers to attend nine additional Brewers regular season games of the owner’s choice (excluding Opening Day and Postseason),” according to details and terms related to the tickets posted to the Brewers official website.

The owner of the “Timeless Ticket” needs only to contact the Brewers Box Office, provide the information contained on it and select the game they wish to attend. Presentation of a photo ID also will be necessary. Fans will be able to maintain possession of the “Timeless Ticket” after the game for memento and display purposes.

The announcement also notes that fans will be allowed to purchase up to three companion tickets — at box office price — for the game they choose to attend.

It will be interesting to see how excessive and burdensome the “subject to availability” terms will be implemented and how the team will handle any subsequently related issues. After all, it’s not like there would be a bunch of tickets lying around for a potential World Series game. But on the surface, it’s a brilliant promotion and despite the price of $1,000, a pretty worthwhile investment.

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