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New Bills coach Rex Ryan welcomed to Buffalo with bizarre-looking pizza (pic)


The Buffalo Bills accomplished to land arguably the most sought-after unemployed candidate with head coaching credentials by hiring former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan on Monday.

The great city of Buffalo welcomed Ryan, resplendent in a Bills cap, to town by presenting him with a pizza courtesy of La Nova Pizzeria.

While the pizza in and of itself looks tasty enough, the “WELCOME REX” placed atop the pie, presumably made with spinach, appears to feature an ingredient that is completely inappropriate for a pizza.

Yep, it appears the outline on the message is some kind of icing. Uh, gross.

SB Nation’s Bill Hanstock reached out to La Nova Pizzeria and he was told that everything on the pizza is edible.

Just to be clear, simply because an ingredient is edible doesn’t make it appropriate to put on a pizza, folks. Just ask Poppie.

Furthermore, if Buffalo wanted to welcome Ryan to town in a truly Buffalo-ian fashion while showcasing a traditional culinary item, why not Buffalo wings? Better yet, how about some Beef on Weck? Although spelling out “WELCOME REX” with either of those scrumptious foodstuffs would have been a lot more difficult than spelling it out on a pizza.

(photo courtesy of Buffalo Bills/Twitter)