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Seattle Seahawks unveil branded ‘Bam Bam Kam Turkey Leg’ (photo)


When the passionate and loud contingent members of “The 12th Man” settle into their seats on Saturday before the Seattle Seahawks host the Carolina Panthers in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, should any of them get a hankering for something to eat, concessions stands at CenturyLink Field will have four new items to satiate their snacking needs.

First and foremost is the “Bam Bam Kam Turkey Leg,” a tasty-looking hunk of poultry named in the honor of Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor. If the name didn’t get that across, each leg is iron-branded with “31,” Chancellor’s number. It is very reasonably priced at $10.

If a honking hunk of meaty goodness isn’t what Seahawks fans are looking for, have no fear, as the team will be rolling out three additional items for playoff football.

Another culinary creation set to make its debut this weekend is in tribute to head coach Pete Carroll’s apparent love of popcorn. “Pete’s Mix Popcorn” is a delicious, sweet delicacy featuring obviously popcorn that is covered in maple caramel. It will sell for $14.

“Malcolm Smith Boneless Chicken Wings,” a dish created in honor of the Super Bowl XLVIII MVP features spicy boneless wings served over waffle fries and topped with fried onions. The price? $12.50.

Finally, in honor of Seattle’s seafood-rich culinary tradition, there is spinach artichoke crab dip. Served with fries, it will run a fan only 10 bucks.

All the items are the creation of Delaware North, the company that runs the concessions at CenturyLink. Delaware North also runs the concession operations at Lambeau Field and earlier this week introduced the “Big Game Burger” ahead of the Green Bay Packers-Dallas Cowboys showdown this weekend. It is a 3.5-pound gluttonous feast consisting of three half-pound patties (beef, bacon and venison) topped with crispy fried onions, jalapeño smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, secret sauce and a heaping helping of housemade jalapeño cheese. Yummy.

No matter the outcome of this weekend’s games in Green Bay and Seattle, one thing is certain: Win or lose, the fans certainly have the ability to eat very, very well.

(photo credit: Corky Trewin/Seattle Seahawks)