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Disgruntled Knicks fans wear paper bags over their heads at game (pics/vid)


Five teenaged New York Knicks fans have become so fed up with the dysfunctional and underachieving team that they wore paper bags on their heads in protest of the terrible product on the court during Thursday’s game against the Houston Rockets at Madison Square Garden.

In a move signifying either fan apathy or anger — or both — that has been around ever since “The Unknown Comic” first made an appearance on “The Gong Show” in the 1970s — if not longer — the donning of paper bags has long been the go-to move for frustrated fans.

The game was nationally televised on TNT, so at least the five 18-year-olds who plunked down a hefty chunk of change to display their disgust got their money’s worth by attracting a lot of attention to their act of protest.

ESPN reports that the primo seats the guys were sitting in probably cost in the range of $1,700 per ticket on the secondary market, although none of the fellas would say how much they paid for their tickets. Whatever the exact amount, it was likely a lot of dough to drop to watch a game with a partially obscured view.

It was nevertheless a fitting game to stage a sarcastic slam on the team, as the Knicks were blown out by the Rockets by a score of 120-96, losing its fourteenth straight game and falling to an NBA-worst 5-34.

“We’re doing this because the Knicks are the worst team,” paper bag headgear-wearing 18-year-old James Martucci told the New York Daily News. “It’s not fair what they’re doing. They’re terrible. And Carmelo (Anthony) should be playing. Why isn’t he playing?”

Anthony is nursing a nagging knee injury and missed his fifth straight game. The superstar said earlier this week that he has no choice but to trust the process, adding he has complete faith that Phil Jackson, despite dismantling the team and effectively — but reasonably — throwing in the towel on this nightmare season —  is the man to turn around the floundering franchise.

[5-34]? This is a basketball town,” said Jordan Mandel, one of protesting, paper bag-wearing teens, per ESPN.

“I’m protesting the [Iman] Shumpert trade,” Dylan Samuels added.

Dwight Howard, whose Rockets are cruising with a 25-11 record, had little to say about the mess the Knicks are mired in.

“It’s an unfortunate situation,” he said.

As far as the Paper Bag Posse is concerned, Knicks forward Jason Smith said fans do what they do.

“I mean, fans are going to do stuff,” he said. “You can have signs up during the game to support your favorite player. Some people like to do some crazy stuff.”

Especially when a team sinks further than anyone could have possible envisioned at the season’s start. Although it is arguable that spending what had to be over a thousand bucks to wear paper bags is the most sound financial investment. But it was effective.

(top image via SI/Twitter)