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Cowboys to try to demystify Lambeau Field with Saturday tour of stadium


Lambeau Field obviously is one of the most iconic, revered and beloved stadiums in the NFL, if not all of sports. The Dallas Cowboys clearly recognize Lambeau’s placement in the pantheon of venerated pro football palaces, and will attempt to lessen the imposing and intimidating effect its quasi-mystical qualities can have upon visiting players by taking a tour of the classic stadium.

The Green Bay Packers will host the Cowboys in the teams’ Divisional Round Playoff game on Sunday afternoon, and with the Cowboys landing in eastern Wisconsin on Saturday, Dallas has decided to take a detour on the way to the team hotel.

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett says the team plans to make a pit stop at Lambeau during the bus ride from the airport to the hotel in an effort to exorcise any possible jitter demons some players may have ahead of playing in the legendary stadium.

“It’s an early game on Sunday. The idea guys haven’t been to this place before,” Garrett said, via The Dallas Morning News. “When you get there early (Sunday) you don’t want to spend any time looking around at the place. ‘We did that yesterday, guys. Let’s get up, put our cleats on and let’s go play football.’

“That’s probably it more than anything else,’’ Garrett added. “If it was a later game on Sunday and we had a little more time or whatever, maybe you don’t do this. But we just felt it made sense.’’

Garrett says that it was common practice back in the 1990s for the Cowboys on road trips to stop by the stadium before settling in at the hotel. The only time the Cowboys did that this season was when the team traveled to Seattle to take on the Seahawks and the Cowboys contingent paid a visit to CenturyLink Field on the bus ride from the airport.

“I think it’s probably similar to the Seattle game,’’ Garrett said about Saturday’s tour. “A lot of our players haven’t been to Lambeau and we go right past the stadium. We’ll get out and move around a little bit.”

When the Cowboys visited the Seahawks’ home stadium before its Oct. 12 game, the team pulled off a 30-23 upset. Perhaps taking an early tour of Lambeau will once again help bolster Dallas’ game day mojo.

(photo credit: AP Photo/Mike Roemer)