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Charles Barkley says he’ll quit if TNT airs another Knicks game


Charles Barkley perhaps jokingly stated he would put in his notice at TNT if the network airs another New York Knicks game.

“I’m not coming to work anymore if we show the Knicks or the Lakers for the rest of the season,” Barkley said before the Knicks hosted the Houston Rockets during TNT’s pregame show, via the New York Post. “I’m putting my foot down.”

ESPN already has been diligent in removing the Knicks from its broadcast schedule, jettisoning three telecasts of the team’s games from the network’s NBA schedule.

It’s worth noting that Sir Charles made the bold proclamation — albeit likely in jest — before a game that saw the Knicks get blown out on its home court by a score of 120-96 in a game that saw the team get behind the Rockets by 14 points at halftime and 24 by the end of the third quarter.

The game was such an ugly scene that a group of Knicks fans were spotted wearing paper bags on their heads in some pretty pricey Madison Square Garden seats, something the “Inside the NBA” crew mimicked while discussing the game.

Barkley’s comments about TNT airing unwatchable basketball follow his boisterous threat earlier this season that he would go on a hunger strike and remain on it until the Los Angeles Lakers won a game.

The opinionated and sometimes controversial — but always entertaining — analyst has long discussed his career as an on-air analyst, saying on multiple occasions he’s nearing the end of his tenure with TNT. He said recently that while he loves his job, he may leave the network once his contract is up in two years, saying, “I would rather leave too early than stay too long.”

To fans who enjoy Barkley’s outrageous antics and keen insight, his broadcasting career could never last too long.