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Urban Meyer staunchly opposed to expanding College Football Playoff (video)

Urban Meyer

The way Urban Meyer sees it, the change to a four-team playoff to determine college football’s national champion is just right and no further alterations or changes are necessary.

The Ohio State Buckeyes head coach expressed his staunch opposition to expanding the College Football Playoff field from four to eight teams, simply stating, “You can’t do that.”

Meyer made his case for keeping the new format status quo during an appearance Thursday on “The Dan Patrick Show.”

“You can’t do that,” Meyer told Patrick, as transcribed by Yahoo! Sports’ Dr. Saturday. “Now that I’ve done it and, once again, there better be coaches on these committees. I think we learned a lesson, you know with all the family travel and there better be student-athlete representation on any conversation and I’m going to be very outspoken about that if there’s any more conversation about adding games there better be coaches on that and there better be student athletes.”

Meyer argued that if the playoff field is expanded, certain concessions will have to be made, specifically starting with an increase in scholarships allowed.

“You can’t. You better give us 110 scholarships then, because you’re down,” Meyer continued. “I can’t speak for Oregon, I can speak for Ohio State. That when they added — when they had 85 scholarships there were 12 games. Now there’s 15. And the last three they added aren’t against smaller — they’re heavyweight prizefights. You just can’t do it.”

As noted by Meyer, FBS schools are afforded 85 scholarships and the he believes the addition of even one more round of games could severely impact the ability of programs to field teams sturdy enough to weather the additional wear and tear.

It certainly could be expected that if the playoff field were expanded, something could be worked out and the NCAA would be able to pacify any opposition.

Several very vocal — not to mention influential — individuals already are clamoring for an expanded playoff field, a position bolstered by the fact that teams that arguably should have been included in the playoffs — most notably TCU, and to a lesser extent, Baylor (although the lack of a conference title game in the Big 12 contributed to that outcome) — were left on the outside looking in. An eight-team playoff format would at least alleviate some elements of consternation … that is until the ninth team in an eight-team playoff feels slighted. It has to end somewhere, but eight teams arguably would be a best case scenario.

But if the likes of Meyer and his fellow coaching bigwigs remain firmly in the opposition of expansion, a lot of greasing of palms and accommodations will need to be made. And one has to wonder if Meyer’s opinion of an expanded playoff field would be any different had Ohio State been the team left out of the CFP, although the Buckeyes more than deserved to be one of the four teams this year.

In the end, even if big-time college programs  and their powerful coaches make a fuss over it, any decision regarding a possible expansion will all come down to money, and given that an additional round of playoff games would be a financial windfall for all involved, the chances of a change getting pushed through is that much more likely.

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