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‘Romoing,’ as in mimicking Tony Romo’s TD celebration, is a thing now (photos)


Sure, there were a bunch of “-ing” trends before it, but in 2011, “Tebowing” truly caught the social media world by storm. The fact that it involved a world-famous — albeit overrated — professional athlete only added fuel to the fire. Now it appears that the next incarnation of NFL quarterback “-ing” things that is about to become a craze is something called “Romoing.”

It’s a pose inspired by Tony Romo’s post-touchdown pose during last weekend’s wild card win over the Detroit Lions when the Dallas Cowboys quarterback raised his arms in celebration while face-down on the turf after throwing a game-winning TD pass to Terrance Williams.

When informed that folks were posting photos to Twitter and elsewhere mimicking the pose, Romo appeared relatively nonplussed by the development.

“That’s interesting,” Romo said, per an ESPN report.

Shortly after Romo’s touchdown pass, the Twitter world was inundated with Cowboys fans copying Romo’s impromptu celebration.

Fantastic. You know, in a not-so-fantastic kind of way. But hey, let people have their fun. No harm, no foul.

Romo explained his mindset when he inadvertently ignited yet another silly social media craze.

“You’re just excited at the moment,” Romo said. “More than anything you’re just for a moment you just feel, you understand how important the situation is and what you feel like needed to be done at the time and then for Terrance to make the play and for us to put ourselves in position to where we were. It was just a hard-fought, tough football game. Just, it’s a great feeling when you’re able to accomplish what you set out that day, even though it was as difficult as it was.”

Sure, throwing a touchdown pass at a critical moment in a playoff game is exciting, but when compared to spawning an “-ing” thing? Well, nothing compares to that. Duh.