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Twitter weisenheimers have field day with Paul Pierce’s absurd glasses (pic)


Washington Wizards veteran Paul Pierce was given the night off as the team faced the woeful New York Knicks on Wednesday night. While it often occurs that NBA players, what with their oft-unique fashion sense, are noticed for the street clothes they wear on the bench, it’s not often that the buzz generated on social media is over a pair of spectacles.

But that’s what happened Wednesday once the snarky sorts on Twitter caught a glimpse of the outrageously large glasses Pierce was sporting on the bench.

Twitter was rife with clever one-liners about the goofy glasses, but the photos posted comparing Pierce’s specs to those who rocked a similar look before him were the best part of the social media smackdown.

Of course, the comparison to Harry Caray was a no-brainer.

But some other immensely clever observations followed. To wit:

Bravo. Fantastic work, Internet.

[H/T For the Win, top photo credit: The Washington Post/Twitter]