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Minnesota Wild to debut Smart Vending Machine that dispenses cans of beer (pic)


When the Minnesota Wild play host to the Chicago Blackhawks on Thursday night at Xcel Energy Center, fans in attendance will get the first crack at a newfangled vending machine that actually dispenses cans of Budweiser.

According to a news release from the team (via the Star Tribune), the “BudweiserSmart” vending machine is the first of its kind “in any entertainment venue in the world” and “will dispense 25 oz. cans of Budweiser.”

The price for said can of Bud which equals a bit more than the volume of two standard cans of brewski will be $13, a bit pricey in some respects but for a larger serving of beer at a professional sporting event, the cost isn’t outrageous.

A staffer reportedly will be on duty near the machine to assist customers in scanning photo identification.

“The machine will include a touchscreen, which will feature Budweiser promotional messaging as well as social media posts from the Budweiser and Minnesota Wild Twitter accounts,” according to a FOX Sports report.

The “BudweiserSmart” vending machine is similar in vein to the “DraftServ” machines that the Minnesota Twins debuted at Target Field last season, but those machines dispensed glasses of draft beer, not cans.

While there are a bevy of alcoholic beverage options available at the Wild’s arena, having just one more may be a good thing. Taking a gulp out of the 25-ounce can of Budweiser may make the team’s horrific play of late a bit easier to swallow. The Wild have lost eight of 10 games and have been in a funk for over a month now.

It’s gotten so bad, in fact, that head coach Mike Yeo tore into the team during Wednesday’s practice, sprinkling in 33 obscenities in a furious tirade during which he also smashed a hockey stick on the bench, although there was no word on whether or not the beer vending machine was fully operational at the time. If so, perhaps Yeo could have plunked down 13 bucks for a cold one to help settle him down. It wouldn’t have hurt.

(photo credit: Minnesota Wild/Twitter)