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Seahawks’ Michael Bennett: Panthers are like good-looking cousin you can’t date


Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett was asked about the similarities between his team and its upcoming playoff foe, the Carolina Panthers.

The teams, who play Saturday night at Century Link Field, share some remarkable commonalities, from a comparable makeup to their respective rosters to how both teams share somewhat similar approaches to the game.

Bennett started off with some insightful comments about how the teams arguably are tangentially alike, noting how it is strange to face an opponent that has so many things in common with his team.

“It’s kind of weird playing them, because it’s almost like you’re looking in the mirror,” Bennett told “It’s a team that has similar attributes all over, similar qualities—both quarterbacks are both mobile, big receivers—well we don’t have any big receivers, but we have big-hearted receivers—powerful running backs, great defensive lines and linebacker play. So it’s a good game.”

And then Bennett veered off into an odd tangent about the teams’ similarities that involved likening the Panthers to a good-looking cousin who has a hot friend. Or something.

“It’s so much alike, man. It’s like you look at a girl who looks like you, and you find out it’s your cousin, so you can’t go on a date with her even though you’d like to, because she looks like you,” Bennett continued. “But then you see her friend, and her friend’s really hot, and you’re like, ‘that’s not my cousin,’ so it’s good.”

So, to summarize, the Panthers are kind of like the Seahawks’ attractive cousin and it’s a good thing that the Panthers have a hot friend because that makes it easier to avoid any possibility of uncomfortable awkwardness at every future family reunion. At least that it appears to be what Bennett was trying to say.

In any event, it was a colorful analogy, albeit a strange one.

(photo credit: Associated Press)