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Amazon pulls Rob Gronkowski erotic novella, ‘A Gronking to Remember’


“A Gronking to Remember,” the erotic novella that centers around a bored housewife’s infatuation with and steamy fantasies about New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, has been pulled by Amazon and is no longer available as an e-book.

It does appear, however, to still be available for purchase on the site in paperback form.

The Boston Globe reports that it has learned Amazon pulled the book after it received objections regarding the book jacket, presumably due to the fact it features an unauthorized image of Gronkowski, which features the “MHK” patch the Patriots wore during the 2011 season in tribute to team owner Robert Kraft’s late wife, Myra. It is assumed that either the NFL, the Patriots — or both — had an issue with the book jacket.

An NFL source said Thursday that the league maintains tight control over the use of images related to the NFL, specifically uniforms and logos, which makes the presumed objection by the Patriots and/or the NFL not a surprising development in the least.

Gronkowski reportedly is aware of the novella’s existence but hasn’t read it.

The Globe reached out to the erotic novella’s author, Lacey Noonan, for a response. She insists she didn’t foresee any potential issues with the use of the Gronk image.

“I didn’t understand at the outset that Robert Kraft wouldn’t want Myra Kraft and her philanthropical works associated with this,” Noonan wrote in an e-mail to the paper. “Total newbie ignorance on my part. I believe — and hope — that’s the only problem anyone has with the book since it is such obvious satire and parody.”

It may not be the only problem some people have with the book — which is quite explicit — but in legal terms, Noonan may be on point with that observation.

The novella is summarized on Amazon as follows:

“Leigh has a serious problem. And it’s driving a spike between her and her husband Dan. When Leigh wanders into the room where her husband and his friends are watching a football game, her life changes forever, because at that exact moment, NFL’s one-man wrecking ball, Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots, scores a touchdown and does his patented ‘Gronk Spike’ — is notorious monster smashing of a football. When the ball shoots into the stratosphere, Leigh’s heart goes a pitter-patter and she becomes seriously turned on.”

It’s unknown at this time if the book being pulled off Amazon’s e-book listings will have any effect on any subsequent releases in “The Rob Gronkowski Erotica Series.” Since it remains available at this time in book form, odds are it will not have any impact on the continuation of the series.

It is possible, though, that the Patriots and the NFL — not to mention their respective army of lawyers — are finished with eliminating the novella just yet.

After all, the controversial book jacket in question indicates “A Gronking to Remember” was only Book One. Goodness knows what salacious titles subsequent novellas in the series may be.