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Wisconsin Badgers once sent recruit named Clint letter addressed to ‘C*nt’ (pic)


Clint Copenhaver held on to a recruiting letter from the Wisconsin Badgers football program for about two decades, not because he cherishes the memory of a time when a powerhouse school had interest in him, but for other reasons entirely.

Copenhaver wound up playing linebacker for the Michigan Wolverines, not the Badgers, from 1995-1998, and the manner in which Wisconsin made an epically awful gaffe in addressing its recruiting materials sent to the Copenhaver explains perhaps why he may have opted to head to Ann Arbor instead of Madison.

Copenhaver added in a later tweet that while the mistake was particularly egregious — in terms of its unintentional vulgarity — times were different way back when.

You think that’s bad, you should have seen how one school screwed up highly touted recruit Donald Plumpkin’s last name in a letter he received, and “B” and “P” are nowhere near each other on a keyboard. Not good. Also, not true.

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