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Nick Young on ‘Swaggy P’ moniker: ‘It’s biblical. It’s in the Old Testament’


One thing that can be said about Nick Young is that the Los Angeles Lakers forward is remarkably consistent, both in his willingness to jack up shots from anywhere on the court as well as how he insists his nickname has its origin in the divine.

The basketball player better known as “Swaggy P” again discussed his moniker on Tuesday night. To add historical perspective to his most recent comments, Young previously stated that the notion to refer to himself as “Swaggy P” came to him in a dream … where God made an appearance.

“God, in a dream, talked to me, and he gave me that name,” Young said last season. “I’m like, ‘you know what God? That is a funny name! I might need to run with it!’ And ever since then, I’ve been calling myself Swaggy P. It’s a household name.”

On Tuesday, here’s what Young had to say regarding the otherworldy origins of the “Swaggy P” nickname.

“It’s biblical. It’s in the Old Testament,” Young told ESPN’s Arash Markazi. “The prophet of swag.”

Setting aside the unlikelihood that there was such a person known as the “prophet of swag” — let alone said individual being mentioned in the Old Testament — notwithstanding, at least Young deserves credit for sticking to his story that “Swaggy P” has a Judeo-Christian, um, genesis.

But Young wasn’t finished and continued to showcase his penchant for pontification and gift of gab. During a back and forth with  teammate Jeremy Lin, the following exchange occurred where the two discussed fellow Laker Kobe Bryant.

Ironic, indeed. Don’t ya think?