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Colin Kaepernick to work with Kurt Warner during offseason

While the two couldn’t be any more different in what they brought respectively to the quarterback position, Colin Kaepernick reportedly will working with former NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion Kurt Warner during the offseason to shore up some of the inconsistencies in his game, per a Sacramento Bee report.

Kaepernick suffered through his worst season with the San Francisco 49ers, both when measured statistically as well as in leading the team to victories, although some things were well outside his control. He said heading into the offseason that he planned to seek out mentors with which to work and has settled on both Warner, currently serving as an analyst on NFL Network, and famed quarterbacks coach Dennis Gile.

Kaepernick reportedly will work with Warner and Gile beginning next week in Phoenix and will continue to do so until the 49ers’ offseason programs begin in earnest in March.

Warner will be on-hand a few days a week to work with Kaepernick on not only the mental aspects of the quarterback position, such as film study, but also will be present to work with the 49ers QB during seven-on-seven drills.

Gile insists that there is no need to “fix” Kaepernick, but there are many things that can be refined and improved with his play and approach to the game, with the focus on consistency and efficiency.

“If we can teach him that, then I think he becomes one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the NFL,” Gile said. “Because you can’t teach the natural talents that he has.”

Kaepernick said that the offseason provides the perfect opportunity to shore up deficiencies in his game — he said he’s done so a “little bit here, little bit there” in previous offseasons — as making significant changes during the season is difficult.

“You still watch mechanics, what you can do better, but it’s more of a week-to-week basis,” he said. “It’s hard to break habits in season. You don’t want to completely try to change something because it can throw off everything else you’re doing.”

Kaepernick clearly has all the skills, tools and talent to be a top-tier quarterback for years to come, but arguably needs to become more committed to the mental part of the game, and that begins with ensuring that he puts in the necessary work away from the field. Warner — and Gile — most certainly can help him in that area.

Not everything that went wrong with the 49ers last season rests on Kaepernick’s shoulders — the weekly grind of dealing with the Jim Harbaugh situation highlights the dysfunction that pervaded the team’s locker room — but the numbers indicate that his play regressed significantly. His commitment to attacking the offseason from the get-go and working with some top-flight mentors certainly should be viewed as an encouraging sign.

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