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Andrew Luck on his unkempt, hobo-quality beard: ‘I know it’s a bad look’


Andrew Luck knows all too well that the beard he rocks during the NFL season doesn’t lend itself to situation where folks mistake him for some Hollywood A-lister or model. But that doesn’t mean the Indianapolis Colts quarterback intends on changing his practice of rocking a style of beard arguably more befitting a roadie working a ZZ Top state fair tour anytime soon.

His beard was one of the many topics Luck addressed during a conference call ahead of Indianapolis’ divisional round showdown with the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

“I know it’s a bad look. My girlfriend tells me every day. My mom tells me,” Luck said, via USA Today. “I realize it’s a bad look. But I’m not going for any specific look.”

When asked why he keeps his beard so unkempt and doesn’t maintain better grooming habits, Luck attributed it to mostly laziness … and an aversion to razor burn.

“To be honest, I don’t like shaving during the season. Razor burn,” he said. “If you grow it this long, you might as well keep it.”

Let it grow out of control and just let your freak flag to fly freely apparently is Luck’s facial hair philosophy.

But any sort or style of facial hair that causes a person to better resemble an individual who very well could have a bum’s bindle in their possession typically is not a good thing, nor is it a good look.

Just ask Brett Favre about that one, as he has a wealth experience in how to rock the hobo-quality facial hair.

In fact, give Favre’s recent radical transformation from someone who looks like a steroid-addled street person into a smooth operator — courtesy of MicroTouch, of course — perhaps Luck should get in touch with the old gunslinger during the offseason to get some grooming tips.

(photo credit: AP)