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Positively prophylactic: Box of condoms featuring Ted Williams up for auction (pic)


Proving yet again that there is a buyer for essentially any kind of sports-related memorabilia, even if said relation is tangential at best, a box of condoms from a bygone era featuring Hall of Fame slugger Ted Williams currently is up for auction.

Not only that, the Williams condoms is merely part of a trifecta of boxes being offered, as a box featuring legendary boxer Jack Dempsey and an unidentified football player are part of the set.

As far as Williams’ inclusion in the set of condom boxes is concerned, it’s worth noting that one of the many nicknames bestowed upon the Boston Red Sox great during his legendary career was “The Thumper.” The more you know…

The trio of retro condom boxes are up for auction on Lelands’ website with the current bid at the time of this post sitting at $150.

The lot’s description:

Now here’s an item you don’t see every day. Three individually wrapped four-packs of condoms – or “prophylactics” as they were more commonly refer to – are graced with some championship images. Two depict Ted Williams & Jack Dempsey knockoffs with the third being an unidentified footballer. “Champ Prophylactics” are still sealed in their original boxes. Some foxing, overall EX.

While it is not mentioned anywhere in the description, these “prophylactics” belong in some kind of display case, not in the drawer of an nightstand. For obvious reasons.

In any event, once the auction date of Jan. 16 is reached — the moment of truth, or when the rubber meets the road, as it were — a bidding war will ensue for these somewhat odd and completely random items of sports memorabilia.

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