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New York Times asks readers to suggest new team for Knicks beat writer to cover


The New York Knicks 2014-15 NBA season has been an unmitigated disaster, a dumpster fire, a complete clusterbang, you name it.

At 5-32, the Knicks now are the owners of the worst record in the NBA and arguably nothing has gone as predicted or expected. This sad development is especially surprising given the team boasts the third-highest payroll in the NBA this season, per HoopsHype (although shelling out a whopping $23.4 million and $22.4 million to just two players, Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, respectively, has a lot to do with that disturbing statistic).

While the Knicks weren’t expected to compete for an NBA title this season, how bad things got so quickly certainly is a surprising development to many within NBA circles, even the media outlets charged with the task of covering the wholly dysfunctional, seemingly directionless team on a day-to-day basis.

Perhaps done with its editorial tongue planted firmly inside its cheek — although perhaps not (more on that later) — The New York Times, the standard bearer of all that is esteemed, respectable and dignified when it comes to that town’s daily newspapers,  published a plea on Tuesday seeking out readers’ suggestions for what other basketball team the paper should cover instead of the woeful Knicks.

The paper’s plea reads as follows:

The Knicks, in an effort to rebuild through the N.B.A. draft and free agency, appear to have officially given up on this season. They’re an unthinkable 5-32, and on Monday night they traded away J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert, leaving a roster that might struggle against an N.B.A. Development League team.

So we feel it’s only merciful to give our Knicks beat writer, Scott Cacciola, a break from such woeful basketball. He deserves to see the game played at a higher level. For the next month or so, we would like to point him to some good, quality basketball, wherever it might exist. Any suggestions?

Maybe there’s another N.B.A. team that warrants his attention, or perhaps a high school or a college squad. For that matter, maybe you know of a strong coed team at your local Y that Scott should write about. Tell us where to send him. Submit your ideas in the comments section.

While there obviously is a snarky quality to the editorial write-up, it appears that Cacciola, the Knicks beat writer in question who is mentioned in the piece, is all about jumping ship and covering some other basketball team, any other basketball team, albeit with somewhat selfish motives that he fully acknowledges on Twitter (via

It’s hard to argue with Cacciola’s thought process on this one. Perhaps he could bribe his way out of the locker room by threatening to disseminate and distribute this nude photo of team president Phil Jackson circa 1973. Couldn’t hurt. On the other hand, the Zen Master probably digs the photograph.