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Madison Square Garden photo book includes nude pic of Phil Jackson circa 1973 (pic)


The official photographer for Madison Square Garden for nearly the past 50 years recently compiled a photo book of the many memories that have been made in the historic and revered arena.

While there are photographs aplenty featuring such luminaries from the world of entertainment such as Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen, one photograph culled from the hippy-dippy heyday of 1970s NBA basketball is the one apparently causing the most buzz.

George Kalinsky, the official photographer of Madison Square Garden going all the way back to 1966, recently put together a “special book,” per Page Six, to give out to friends.

Given that Kalinsky has been on the scene for half a century at the Garden snapping photographs of true titans of popular culture, it’s arguably surprising that the most talked-about photograph is one of former New York Knicks player and current team president Phil Jackson.

Of course, perhaps the fact that the photo in question features Phil Jackson, circa 1973, sitting in the locker room as naked as the day he was born.

While the Page Six report doesn’t specifically identify which nude photograph of Jackson is the one creating such a stir, odds are this is in all likelihood the photo…

Again, this may or may not be the photo from Kaminsky’s book, but let’s at least hope this is the photo. Because if not, that would mean there is more than one photograph of a nude and hairy, 70s era Phil Jackson in existence. And to put it simply, one arguably is more than enough.

Yowsers. In any event, this is easily the most disturbing photograph of a pro athlete in a varying state of undress outside of the Mark Messier-Gary Coleman one. That bit of nightmare fuel is stuff of Internet legend.

[H/T The Other Paper, 1973 Jackson photograph courtesy of George Kalinsky]