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Bill Belichick’s poorly delivered Pope joke falls on deaf, unamused ears


Bill Belichick may be a fashion icon as it pertains to his undying pursuit at perfecting his patented “Hobo Chic” style, but a stand-up comedian he is not.

Okay, Belichick is no fashion icon, either, but his failings at attempting to deliver a time-honored wisecrack during a press conference abundantly illustrated that the New England Patriots head coach likely won’t be showing up at any “Open Mic” nights at any Boston comedy club anytime soon.

A line of questioning regarding New England’s upcoming divisional round opponent, the Baltimore Ravens, was underway, and a reporter asked the curmudgeonly coach about the team’s propensity for cut blocking, especially given how Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak routinely runs things.

What follows is the NFL head coach equivalent to bombing onstage, akin to how the “Unknown Comic” would fail miserably on “The Gong Show” way back when.

Reporter: “Do they cut (block)?”

Belichick: “Is the Pope Catholic?”

Reporter: “I’m sorry?”

Belichick: “Yeah, they cut. It’s the same offense they ran in Denver and the same offense they ran in Houston. It’s the same offense Kubiak runs in Baltimore, so all those characteristics from those other teams are the same characteristics now.”

Yeesh. No word on if crickets could be audibly heard chirping during the exchange, nor is there any word if Belichick followed up his Pope line with a “Take my wife, please!” zinger.

But Belichick’s comedic failings arguably have less to do with the material than it does the delivery, although the “Is the Pope Catholic?” line is a bit dated.

Maybe the coach should workshop it a bit, sharpen up his delivery and update his material before testing out his routine again on a humorless bunch of sports reporters.

On second thought, maybe an “Open Mic Night” or two wouldn’t hurt Belichick, after all, something the coach apparently suspects as well.

“Great football coach, not-so-great comedian,” Belichick cracked.

Ha. That last line is the funniest bit of his whole routine, quite honestly.

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