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Cowboys selling ‘Ice Bowl II’ shirts for showdown with Packers at Lambeau Field (pic)


Courtesy of the team’s 24-20 victory over the Detroit Lions on Wild Card Weekend, the Dallas Cowboys have set themselves up for a showdown with the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field next Sunday.

The Cowboys staged a sensational comeback from a 17-7 halftime deficit to secure the win, but Dallas arguably may not have found itself in the divisional round if it wasn’t for referee Pete Morelli picking up the flag following a pass interference call on the Cowboys’ Anthony Hitchens during the confusing aftermath of a play that will be debated for some time.

Be that as it may, what’s done is done and the Cowboys secured the team’s first playoff win since the 2009 season, meaning it now faces what always is a stern test: Playing the Packers in the postseason at Lambeau Field.

The Cowboys organization of course has some experience playing in Green Bay under frigid conditions as the two storied franchises previously played in one of the most revered postseason games in league history: The 1967 NFL Championship Game, a match-up that came to be known as the “Ice Bowl.”

With that in mind, the Cowboys have likened its upcoming game against the Packers to the classic original “Ice Bowl” by placing the moniker “Ice Bowl II” upon Sunday’s showdown and selling shirts celebrating the so-called sequel.


The Cowboys are selling the shirts on its official website at $25.99 a pop.

The Packers of course proved victorious on the “frozen tundra” on that late December afternoon in 1967, beating the Cowboys by the score of 21-17 on a day when the game-time temperature at Lambeau Field was −15 °F with a wind chill of −36 °F.

The Cowboys and Packers likely will not face such severe, arctic-like conditions during its divisional round showdown. The forecast for Green Bay on Sunday currently predicts that the Wisconsin town will be downright balmy — relatively speaking — with a high of 20 °F and a low of 5 °F. While the game certainly won’t be played in tropical-like conditions, it won’t be like the “Ice Bowl,” either.

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