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Nick Saban says he reads text messages but doesn’t ‘know how to send them back’


Nick Saban, much like many folks of his age, are well aware of the fact that the modern world is much different than the one they grew up in and spent a majority of their life.

But in order to function in this day and age, the Alabama Crimson Tide head coach understands that he at least has to be a partial — albeit conceivably unwilling — participant in some aspects of it. This includes having the ability to take part somewhat in the way in which communicating with others has become a near-instantaneous component of modern 21st century life.

This is why Saban admitted during a press conference ahead of the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day that yes, he does indeed read text messages … he just doesn’t have a clue how to respond to them.

Sounding like a man about to engage in a long-winded “In My Day” soliloquy, Saban instead, after hearkening for the halcyon days of an era long past, acknowledges he does actually utilize some of the modern communication methods available to him … before begrudgingly admitting he does not understand — nor does he apparently care to learn — how to complete the two-way aspect typical of a virtual conversation, presumably on a flip phone circa 2008.

“We didn’t have all this stuff when I grew up. I sort of respect the fact that that’s the way of the world now. I know that a lot of our players can’t function without being able to be in constant communication with anything and everybody. When I was a kid … you had to learn how to communicate with people and look ‘em in the eye. You had to speak to them and talk to them. It wasn’t about sending a text message or an email or whatever…. I do get text messages, and I do read them. I just don’t know how to send them back.”

The same goes for emails. To put it bluntly, he has no time for engaging in such an unproductive endeavor.

“[My wife] and I go somewhere on a weekend, and she gets 387 emails. I say, how many did I get? She says, none. Then, she spends the next day answering 387 emails, and I spend the next day hopefully doing something that’s more productive. If you don’t send any, you don’t get any.”

His most recent comments that illustrate his antagonism for emails, texts and such fall in line with comments he made in November in which he admitted he does not “Google.”

“I don’t Google. I don’t know how. I don’t know what you would do. I don’t even send a text. I don’t know how to text. I get some texts, but I don’t send any. I don’t use a computer other than to watch film. I don’t do any of that stuff. I don’t send emails. I don’t get emails.”

Now, if all you darn kids would be so kind, keep yourself and your highfalutin text messaging and emailing and Facebooking and Twittering and whatnot and what have you off Nick Saban’s metaphorical lawn.

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