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Marvin Lewis sarcastically rails against questions about Bengals’ playoff drought


Marvin Lewis is sick and tired of answering questions about the lengthy playoff drought the Cincinnati Bengals organization has suffered through. So much so, in fact, that he was alternatively sarcastically standoffish and seemingly joking during an odd press conference in Cincinnati on Wednesday.

The Bengals organization has not won a playoff game since 1990, including five consecutive losses since Lewis took over in Cincy as head coach in 2003.

In total, the Bengals have been a one-and-done outfit in every postseason appearance during Lewis’ tenure: In 2005, 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013, all in the Wild Card round.

Lewis, readying his team for its fourth straight postseason appearance Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts, not surprisingly has grown increasingly weary of answering the same questions year after year regarding the team’s ineptitude in the postseason. And things may have come to a head during Wednesday’s presser, when he was combative with the media, interrupting a question at one point and referring to their inquiries as “dumb” (before jokingly backtracking) at another point.

After interrupting a question from ESPN’s Bob Holtzman on the subject, Lewis suggested he has told his players not to answer inquiries regarding the playoff drought.

“I told them not to answer your questions, to just tell you, ‘That’s not me. I had nothing to do with that,'” Lewis said, via “There you go.”

Then things escalated with Lewis’ response going from terse and veered into sarcastic territory.

“I’m tired of answering the dumb question, all right?” Lewis said. “Excuse me. Not a dumb question. I’m tired of answering the very important question you have.”

The media contingent in attendance reportedly laughed — perhaps awkwardly — at Lewis’ attempt at humor before the coach finished with “very relevant question” to sum up his thoughts on the topic, although he did add that responding to such questions does the team no good.

“We will have to wait until Sunday to answer it again,” finished Lewis, referring to the team’s showdown in the Wild Card round against the Colts on Jan. 4. Although exactly what he meant by his comment arguably is unclear.

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