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Dad extracts son’s tooth by tying it to a golf ball and taking a swing (video)


While it’s unlikely to garner any “Father of the Year” awards given the unconventional methods, it’s hard to argue with the effectiveness of one father’s decision to “pull” his son’s loose tooth by tying it to a golf ball with some dental floss and giving the ball a bit of a whack.

Mercy. A lot could have gone wrong with father Phillip’s golf ball gambit, but son Noah appears to come out relatively unscathed.

Akin to the classic “tying a tooth to a doorknob and shutting the door” means of extracting a stubborn tooth out of a child’s mouth, odds are good that the gambit employed in the above video likely won’t become a trend. Or maybe it will.

All that can be said is that four out of five dentists likely wouldn’t recommend this as a safe means to pull a tooth. Although it sure beats using a pair of grungy pliers or what have you.

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